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ALKOR Artistic Group LLC

Manufacture of Leather Goods and Gift Wrapping

We are the true masters of bookbinding.

We will be happy to bind any book or even an entire library.

We can pack gifts for your loved ones or even for an entire team.

Hand-bound books are an exquisite gift that can satisfy even the pickiest customers.

Looking for an extraordinary gift? Sophisticated business accessories?

Our editions will become the jewel of any library and a family heirloom. Hand-bound books are an exquisite gift that can satisfy even the pickiest customers. We can make exclusive corporate gifts designed especially for you.

We have our own production facilities, and we offer:

  • Hand-made leather-bound gift books and other products
  • Unusual gift packaging (PROMO to VIP)

Advantages of our products:

  • High-quality workmanship thanks to the secrets of our hand-binding craftsmen
  • Reasonable competitive prices
  • Exclusive and personalised products
  • Any number of copies, including packaging, starting with one
  • Remote approval of designs and layout with the customer
  • In-house production that ensures flexibility when it comes to the customer’s needs
  • Product delivery

A luxury cover for a book is like a frame for a picture.

The importance of a sophisticated binding cannot be overestimated.

Special genuine leather used in book binding makes the book not only exceptionally noble but also much more durable. Heat embossing makes the book look even more elegant and sophisticated. You can choose the embossing type to suit your taste — stylish and muted blind embossing or luxurious gold and silver embossing. When it comes to artistic design, every detail matters, that is why we pay particular attention to book edges. They are mechanically gauffered and can be dyed any colour, including gold. We have an unparalleled three-layer gold foil application technology — the layers are hand-applied at a temperature of 270 °C. It ensures reliable protection against mechanical damage and prolongs the life of a book. Binding corners, their hand-finishing, additional rounding, and spine ribbing — all this combined forms the book image, and gilded leather endbands complete the image and add zest to the book.

We have permissions of the copyright holders to all our books in accordance with the Russian legislation.

We value our customers and we are always happy to cooperate.