A Sensible Bible. A guide to the biblical history of the Old and New Testaments

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The commentaries on the books of Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testaments, made by the remarkable scholar theologian Alexander Pavlovich Lopukhin, still remain the most complete, detailed and at the same time popular interpretation of the Bible in Russian. This is not surprising, because Lopukhin was not only a brilliantly educated scientist, but also a passionate popularizer of theological literature. Lopukhin’s texts in this edition are illustrated by the works of the remarkable artist James Tissot. In his works, Tissot remained true to his main artistic principle — fidelity in detail. With the accuracy of an ethnographer, he reproduces the ornaments of the clothes of the heroes of the Bible, with the accuracy of an archaeologist, he draws the dwellings of the ancient Jews. This is why his illustrations are valuable — they allow you to literally immerse yourself in the life of old Testament characters, to see the world around them in all its historical authenticity.


Handcrafted classic European genuine-leather binding.
Designer-paper flyleaf with foil embossing.
Six handcrafted ribs on the spine.
Golden genuine-leather endbands.
Edges: gold and gauffering.
Blind and gold and coloured foil embossing.

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SZKEO (St. Petersburg)


Alexander Pavlovich Lopukhin


Coated Presto Silk


Illustrations (colourful/b-w)

colourful 507

Date 02/2020
ISBN 978-5-9603-0426-9
Net weight gr 1970
Pages 912
Dimensions 180х247х50
Inlay, engraving

Full-colour leather insert.

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